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Explore a comprehensive collection of podcasts and articles featuring Michelle Griffin. Delve into a diverse range of topics and engaging discussions that Michelle has been a part of, offering insights, expertise, and thought-provoking commentary. From insightful conversations to informative articles, this curated selection showcases Michelle’s contributions to the world of HR and beyond. Explore the depth and breadth of her work as you navigate through these captivating episodes and articles. 

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Revolutionizing Hiring Practices: Leveraging Research and I/O Psychology Principles with Plum.io Assessments for Enhanced Organizational Success

In this article, Michelle explores how I/O Psychologists stress the inadequacy of relying solely on resumes and unstructured interviews in traditional hiring, advocating for a more effective approach supported by 85 years of research, which includes incorporating assessments like work samples and structured interviews to reduce turnover, enhance organizational development, and increase profitability, guided by I/O psychology principles and tools like Plum.io assessments.

From Independent Contractor to Thriving Firm: Michelle Griffin’s Inspiring Journey of Success and Resilience Amidst COVID-19

In this interview, Michelle Griffin shares her journey of establishing her own firm, starting as an independent contractor and growing it to 20 employees and 50 clients within three years, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of adaptability, leveraging remote work opportunities, and building a supportive team while staying true to the company’s vision and mission


Understanding the FLSA Final Rule: Increases for July 1, 2024 and Jan 1, 2025

Host: Griffin Resources, Michelle Griffin PhD

Join us as we explore the FLSA Final Rule, focusing on the updated overtime regulations and the increased salary threshold. Featuring expert insights from Michelle Griffin, PhD of Griffin Resources, LLC, Mandi Waters of Merritt Business Solutions, and Dee Ann Hays, JD of Ogletree Deakins, this video provides a comprehensive overview of what these changes mean for employers and employees. Stay informed and learn how to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Griffin Resources: Empowering Businesses with Tailored HR Solutions and Sustainable Growth Strategies

Host: Action Coach, Juliet Kyes

In this video, Michelle and Juliet discussed Griffin Resources, an HR outsourcing firm that provides customized services to businesses, including recruiting, benefits administration, payroll, taxes, and employee relations, while also sharing her strategic plans for business growth without overburdening her employees.

Nurturing Psychological Safety

Host: Mandi Watters

Michelle and Mandi Waters discuss Psychological safety in the workplace and how it involves creating an environment where employees can freely express their thoughts and ideas without fear of repercussions, fostering trust, respect, and open communication, thereby promoting collaboration, risk-taking, and contributing to innovation and productivity for a healthier and more effective work environment.  

Unveiling the HR Odyssey: A Journey of Challenges, Triumphs, and Lessons with Michelle

Host: Leadership Coach Academy: Kandy Windom

Embark on a captivating exploration of Michelle’s journey in Human Resources (HR). From her early career experiences to pivotal moments that shaped her expertise, delve into the dynamic world of HR through Michelle’s unique perspective. Gain insights into the challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons that have defined her professional journey, as she navigates the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resources.

Empowering the Future Workforce

Host: HR Tampa College Relations: Michelle Griffin

Michelle leads a conversation about HR in the Tampa Bay Area. She presents on resume and interview skills to help college students prepare for the workforce.  

Audio Podcasts

From Startup to Success

Host: Steve Sapatos

Michelle talks about her start-up HR company’s success. She shares it all in this video .

Exploring the Link between Business Practices and Employee Experience with Michelle Griffin and Wendy Sellers

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

In this episode of the HR Lady with Michelle Griffin and the HR Lady, Wendy Sellers, Wendy and Michelle explore the connection between business practices and the employee experience, highlighting the importance of aligning organizational strategies with employee needs and well-being.

The Power of Empathetic Leadership: Embodying Humanity and Compassion in Times of Global Event 

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

Michelle and Wendy delve into the significance of leaders embodying both humanity and compassion, particularly in the face of global events, emphasizing the importance of empathetic leadership.

Harnessing the Power of Humanity and Compassion in a Changing World

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

Michelle and Wendy engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the vital role of business leaders in comprehending and addressing the diverse needs and motivations of different generations in the workplace.

Nurturing Purpose and Shared Beliefs among Employees

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

Michelle and Wendy engage in an insightful discussion on the critical task of aligning employees’ values with the values of the company, highlighting the significance of fostering a sense of purpose and shared beliefs for a harmonious and thriving organizational culture.

Unveiling the Power of Internal Marketing in Employee Engagement and Communication

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

Michelle and Wendy delve into the misconception that internal marketing is merely a press release, emphasizing the true essence of internal marketing and its role in effectively engaging and communicating with employees to foster a positive and motivated work environment. 

Working Remotely from Paradise 

Host: The HR Lady, Wendy Seller

Michelle talks about working remotely from exotic locations around the world, offering HR support to companies everywhere, and fulfilling the dream of working in exciting locations while doing her job.