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Operations Manager & Executive Assistant

Michelle is the Executive Assistant and Operations Manager. She has managed multiple medical offices where she found a passion and knack for management due to her ability to multitask and attention to detail. This has led to her being entrusted with intimate details of her clients, ensuring the most pleasant experience for the clients, staff, and company.

Michelle Medina’s – My Story

Michelle was raised in Sarasota, moving to Tampa in 2016 after graduating from the State College of Florida with a primary focus on psychology. Here, she has continued her education at the University of Tampa and Keiser University, transitioning her concentration to Biomedical Sciences. During this time, she also received multiple licenses as a medical aesthetician, opening the doors to management in medspa’s.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys traveling, both within the United States and internationally, having visited placed such as New Orleans, New York, Spain, and Belize. But she loves to come home to her dog, Nala, whom she adopted five years ago from the Humane Society.

When Michelle is not traveling or working, she spends her evenings at Shift MMA training with world title holder Martin “Smash” Brown. She spends approximately 3 hours a night being trained in both boxing and jiu jitsu, going and rolling at other gyms in the area for practice, and will soon be preparing to enter into tournaments under his coaching and expertise.


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Associates of Arts, Psychology
State College of Florida 
Graduated: 2016


Michelle started seriously training in MMA last year and will begin competing in September of 2022

Michelle in Gibraltar with a Monkey who tried to steal her sunglasses

Nala (11 years old) – Michelle’s dog – and her bone, taking up as much space as possible

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