HR Team

We work as your in-house HR Executive to provide daily operations such as recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, employment relation issues, benefit administration, system implementation, policy and handbook drafts, and projects unique to your company.


Our team has years of experience processing and approving payroll for companies of varying sizes. This includes the normal payroll processes as well as audits, efficiency evaluations, and system implementations. We understand the importance of getting payroll processed correctly and timely for the value of your employees and company accounting procedures, which we take seriously. Additionally, we understand the confidentiality and security required for undertaking these essential functions.

Onboarding / Offboarding

The first impressions of your company to your new hires during the onboarding process provides the opportunity for your company to shine and develop a lasting relationship with your new employees. We help maximize that chance by understanding your current operations and creating new workflows and onboarding experiences. Offboarding can be challenging to navigate and we can assist with the decision-making process, consultation with employment law lawyers when necessary, draft separation documents, conduct exit interviews, and assist with the termination meetings.

Career Transition Services

Our seasoned career professionals help your business maintain its brand reputation when layoffs or terminations become unavoidable. Partnering with a third party that knows how to help departing employees land on their feet can prove to be a wise investment. We aim to equip departing employees with the skills and mindset needed to navigate the job market successfully, ensuring a seamless transition to their next professional chapter.


We act as an internal recruiter for your company so the candidates are not aware that we are an outside source. By working directly with you and your hiring managers, we understand your needs, culture, and timelines to recruit the best talent for your organization.


The leadership capacity of your executive team may need additional insight and expertise to align the operational needs with the business goals. As human resources and business development executives, we understand that our daily function affects your business both short-term and long-term. It is our priority and goal to ensure that we provide the leadership direction necessary for your industry and company’s future.

Business Development

The foundation of your organization provides the cornerstone for the growth and development necessary for a successful future. We create and align the tasks and process of today to help lay the foundation for your successful future.


The analytic information of your organization delivers a high-level overview of valuable information. We provide accurate analytics and dashboards personalized to your organization for turnover, headcount, departmental controls, recruitment efforts, revenue per head, and skill gap analysis. These analyses indicate areas of improvement and strength within your organization.


The culture of your organization is unique to your leadership style, the vision of your organization, and the unique placement within your industry. We work within your organization to preserve and protect your culture. Additionally, we can work with you to establish and define your culture to gain a better understanding of your vision, mission, and values.


Your employees are your greatest asset as they interface with your customers and embody your brand; therefore, the intrinsic and extrinsic incentives they receive impact their engagement, productivity, and tenure. We understand that determining and creating incentive programs must align with your budget, culture, and needs.


Providing guidance and support for the leadership team on an on-call basis offers the peace-of-mind that your organization is taken care of during difficult times and unique business decisions. We listen to your needs and help to find the best solutions for your organization.


All aspects of human resource and business operations are linked to employment laws and business ethics. We offer compliance audit for specific laws such as I9s, filing systems, Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), handbooks, background check process, and other areas important to your organization. Additionally, we work to ensure that business-decisions, policies, and documents are created and upheld with compliance in mind.

Employee Relations

All organizations encounter challenging moments with team members, and we help your organization investigate, evaluate, document, and navigate through the difficult employee relation issues. Handling employee relation issues should be done with care to uphold the reputation and values of your organization while minimizing the risk of exposure for the company.


Understanding the needs of your company, creating development plans, and executing projects unique to your organization gives you the competitive advantage in your organization. We create and execute projects related to human resources and business operational needs.


Businesses in growth mode tend to find solutions for different needs as they go resulting in the use of multiple solutions across different platforms, which can be expensive and inefficient. We can help to identify the pain points that occur from lack of communication and transparency, evaluate better software solutions, and implement new solutions modules or new applications.


Health, dental, vision, and other benefit offerings support the health and well-being of your employees to ensure they are able to work while happy and healthy. We work with you and your benefit vendor (i.e. broker of record or PEO) to ensure the benefit support and offerings for your employees are on budget for you and fair for them. Additionally, we provide support for open enrollment and benefit billing reconciliations.

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