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Griffin Resources is proud to consist of highly qualified professionals with impressive work history and education backgrounds. Through this diverse team we are able to provide high-class services for human resources and business development expertise to our clients with ease. The team of Griffin Resources work closely together to support each other as well as all of our clients. When working with Griffin Resources our clients work directly with a designated HR expert, but also receive the full support of our team and resources. We invite you to you lean more about each team member and contact us to find out more about how we can help your business.

Michelle Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Medina

Executive Assistant / Operations Manager

Stephanie Baum

VP of HR and Client Services

Sierra Nicolai

Human Resources Strategist

Caron-Lee Benton

Human Resources Strategist

Carolyne Witham
Justin Bates

HR Generalist

Krista Young

HR Generalist

Brooke Stefanski


Christina Kaiser

HR Generalist

Alexandra Shinn

Talent Acquisition Executive

Ceage Powell

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Rana Ismail

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Shanira Castillo
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Chrissy Hill
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Andy Pool
Senior Consultant, Internal Communications

Griffin IT


James Griffin

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Dwyer

Sales Executive

Jay Jones MacGill

National Director of MSP Sales

Wayne Jaworskyj

Warehouse Manager

Juan Martinez


Brooke Hadden


Rand Seppelin


Samantha Brady

Sales Executive

Connor Legault


Griffin Cloud


Marc Aristide

GHL Expert/Software Automations /Data collection


Project Management Expert

Muhammad Zaid Syyed

Graphic Designer


Video Editor


Social Media Expert


Data Entry


Media Buyer

Naro Espiritu

Smartsheets Expert

Arnold Tome

GHL Expert

Jeremy Velasco

Social Media Marketing

Raphaella Felicilda

Project Management

Hillary Baquilod

Executive Assistance

Vincent Velasco

LinkedIn Support

Our Story

Griffin Resources was founded by Michelle and James Griffin with the focus and passion of sharing their expertise as executives in human resources and business development with other organizations. After working in human resources for almost a decade Michelle began working as a consultant for a couple of small organizations. She soon realized the demand and need of business operational solutions for small businesses that they could afford. Together, Michelle and James founded Griffin Resources LLC in December 2019 and quickly expanded the team to meet the demand of the quickly growing client base.

The team of Griffin Resources grew quickly in January and February of 2020 adding on HR experts and an executive assistant. Each team member embodies the expertise, values, and vision of Griffin Resources to provide superior support for each client. Our HR experts work closely as part of the client’s organization typically taking on the internal role as the internal HR resource for daily operational functions and optimization for alignment. This unique approach allows our team to support your team seamlessly.

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